3 ways to attract new clients via Social media🚀

✨ 1. Expert positioning

Become an authority in your industry. This creates trust! Do you give enough value, to be seen as an expert in your niche?

Ask yourself: would I buy from me?

✨ 2. Awareness that you have an offer

The biggest mistake people make: they don't tell their audience they have an offer! Do they know they can work with you? What are your offers? HOW can they work with you?

Action: talk about your offer repetitively! And no, you don't stalk people with your offer. Plant that seed so they see you and your program as the only solution to their problem!

✨ 3. Speak the language of your ideal client

Make sure you speak the language of your ideal client. Don't talk about level 10, if your audience is at level 1. Also make sure you address your ideal client in your messaging. Do you only take clients who are ready to invest at least 5k? Then make sure you make content that addresses these people, ready to invest and ready to transform.

Which tip do you need to work on? Let me know in the comments!