Hey, my name is Peggy

I help service-based entrepreneurs, who are ready to set up a magnetic online business using social media, funnels, and automation.


I am an online business consultant, (evergreen) funnel, and online branding specialist in one. I live in Singapore with my husband Martin and my dog Sam(wise) Jackson (fancy name right ;).



My Human Design is Generator. I fit into many boxes, so basically I fit none. I am always open to new innovations that improve existing systems. But I go beyond structure. I am a natural synthesizer who always strives for higher levels of integration in everything I do. I thrive in a position of leadership or influence (hence my role as a business coach :).


In 2016 I graduated from my own company at the HRO (Small Business and Management) in which I did research on building an audience/community, in order to be able to sell to them.


My Lifestyle Instagram @Peggyleenders was born. I tested everything about hashtags, followers, and tips and tricks. At my peak, I had 35,000 followers. I worked with the coolest brands (YSL, Estée Lauder, Rituals, Samsonite, Cluse, Amazon, etc.) I learned everything about influencer marketing and all the dos and don'ts in the field of social media.


Eventually, I started sharing this knowledge with other companies and helped them set up successful Instagram pages as a freelancer.


In addition, I worked part-time in various companies to realize growth and turnover with the help of online marketing, social media, and setting up automatic funnels.

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Here I participated in an Estée Lauder campaign for the latest foundation. I also participated in the commercial for Blue Light Eye Cream.


"So that I can educate others and also let them reach the highest possible level."

My life's work is to bring together all the information I have collected and the situations I encounter.
So that I can educate others and also let them reach the highest possible level.
From my DFY assignments for clients, I switched to sharing my knowledge in the form of coaching. First I coached in Social Media Marketing. In the end, my business became such a success that I started teaching other people how to set up a successful online business.
I specialized in coaching, building funnels, and automation. I work hard on developing my skills and self-development. I invest a lot in training, courses, (business) coaches, and masterminds.
My mission and challenge are to bring my creative innovation directly into the lives of others. I am someone who does not like to hold on to one thing and I also discovered that I am not destined to achieve my goals without being part of a collective body. A community and support system are very important and I attach great importance to this in my coaching.


I stand for justice, honesty and trust.
I'm here to make people laugh.
I'm here to share my ideas, help people get started and get excited about their life and business.
I am here to share a wide variety of my interests and wisdom.
I'm here to remind people that life is rich if you know where to look.
I'm here to remind people that life is short and they can seize the day like I always have.
My deepest purpose in life is to manifest the gift of enrichment.


I'm here to help you create a business you love, make it magnetic, and attract the people you love to work with.