Business Growth Accelerator

Do you want to make your programs evergreen (automate enrollments throughout the year) and get more automatic enrollments for your programs, generating additional HOT leads + and sales on repeat with a strategically designed funnel? ..then my program: Business Growth Accelerator is for you!
Business Growth Accelerator is a 180-day business mentorship where I help you scale up to €10 k/m with your own profitable online business (service provider) using social media.


I will teach you how to align successful growth strategies with your ideal customer, purpose, and culture to create your own unique magnetic, and influential personal brand to attract your ideal customer. You are no longer taking on clients out of desperation & desire… you are ready to choose the clients you WANT to hire.


Everything is automated, so you can sell your programs all year round. Yes, even from your hammock in Bali.

We are going to extend your offer suite 

We are going to develop your product suite. You are no longer dependent on 1 type of offer and you create a 'passive' offer in addition to your main offer, which you can sell all year round.

You create trust AND certainty for the future. You are no longer required to work x number of hours per week, but you found a balance between what you love to do and your freedom and well-being.

Your content will be magnetic for your ideal client

We will work out your social media plan. Make your content magnetic to your ideal customer so that your inbox overflows with requests. HELLO DMs!

You post content that appeals to your ideal customer, your inspiration flows and you feel driven and motivated.

We will automate your sales


We will optimize your sales process, implement automatic systems & develop scale-up techniques.

Instead of feeling discouraged, tired, or exhausted at the thought of work and sales, you feel energized and excited 
Your life is instantly a lot more relaxed.


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8 new clients within 3 weeks!


View here how Diana went through the process! Diana is the owner of Strong Woman Academy and provides retreats, 1:1 coaching and masterclasses for women with a High Achievers Mentality!

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Who is this suitable for? You already have a number of customers, you are already present on social media and you are a coach/consultant, a service-based provider who knows that you are not yet getting the most out of your company and social media and that you can help many more customers! You want more freedom!

Is this you?

Are you at the point in your business you feel overwhelmed or confused?
When you try to learn more.. you feel there is so much you don’t know yet...The result.. you freeze up and shut down.
You feel stuck in your own business and don’t know what your next step is going to be...
You are confused about which platforms, techniques, and automation you need to use for your business...
You are confused about which marketing techniques DO work because the ones you tried are complicated or feel inauthentic…
You are confused because your content doesn’t seem to work...
You feel you need to sell all the time.. convince people because they give you a lot of objections...
Why don’t they see the value in your offer?  
You have no idea how to stand out from the crowd and this makes you question yourself and what you have to offer.
You feel stressed and you feel you can’t be your true self on sales calls.. so you just stop selling. 
But you KNOW, you CAN help people with your genius. You have a mission. 
You want to feel that you belong...

Let me help you.
Let me give you a clear direction, guidance, and goals. 

We will;
… craft your magnetic offer… automate your online business … translate your genius offer into a clear message which helps you, onboard new clients, with ease.

This could be you!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a coach, course maker, or consultant and you are struggling to reach € 10,000 / month online

  • You don't have the authority or influence you deserve - your content is invisible instead of attracting customers

  • You attract the wrong people that ghost you after you pitch your offer

  • You are good at what you do ... but you do not know how to package your knowledge in a digital offering that people are willing to pay a high ticket price for

  • You take on customers out of desperation, not desire ... you are ready to choose the customers you WANT to work with

  • You need the exact steps to use social media to generate and convert leads on autopilot ... and you need a proven sales system to match.

  • You have a lot of knowledge, but you need clarity about how to package that in a digital offering that earns a high price and delivers high results

  • You feel lost and overwhelmed without a roadmap to scale up to 6 figures this quarter ...

    Do you recognize yourself? Then this mentorship is PERFECT for you!


If you’re serious about making a difference in the world, serving more people, and growing your business — then make your first step!



  • 🚀 You have a crystal clear roadmap to build a profitable business in 180 days, scalable to six figures.

  • 💸 Easily turn followers into buyers by showing and sharing what you like.

  • 🔥 Master proven strategies to launch any offer, at any price, at any time, and with complete clarity.

  • 💰 Easily include high-ticket customers in the DMs and always have a fully booked customer agenda.

  • 💰 Develop and prove an offer worth any price; and feel completely confident selling it!

  • 📈 You know all the Instagram secrets to create viral content that makes your social media grow organically full of ideal customers.

  • 🙌 Perfectly positioned as the go-to expert in your niche, serving only the people YOU choose.

  • 🔥 You only work with great customers and ensure a huge transformation for your customers through a core offering.

  • 🚀 Build financial freedom AND security for yourself and your family with a company you CONTROL and LOVE.

    I have the formula and a proven framework ... are you ready?


Eva Hoogland
Copywriting coach


"The foundation of my company now stands rock solid and I can build on this!"


Peggy has helped me during the coaching process with so many different things in my company. A clear strategy, funnel building, social media plan, and creative ideas to make my plans even better. Peggy provides the knowledge and information you need to make your business successful, she explains things clearly, is patient, listens well to questions, and is flexible. With clear 1:1 conversations, videos, assignments, and a clear schedule, Peggy allows me to quickly switch from a plan to action points and implement this in my company. The foundation of my company now stands rock solid and I can build on this! I have experienced Peggy as a very nice coach and I am sure that we will work together more often in the future!

Schermafbeelding 2021-07-29 om 13.03.18.png
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Kelly Kuijpers
Holistic Women's health coach


"After we increased my price, I spoke to several people who were interested in my trajectory. They are in for the new price and I had no trouble asking for the new price!" 


Getting clear on my niche has helped me tremendously to create the right content and strategy for my ideal client. I am also very pleased that I have now found the right 'tone' as well as a beautiful 'lay-out'. The most important thing so far: I have enjoyed setting up and thinking about my strategy, it is no longer a stress factor! After we increased my price, I spoke to several people who were interested in my trajectory. They are in for the new price and I had no trouble asking for the new price!

"She is a friendly 'everyday help' and not worth the money: for those services she can also charge twice as much."


Peggy is the business coach you need! I doubted whether I was going to take on a new business coach. My company was finally rolling again; do I need a new coach? Did I have to invest again, when I really didn't have the money for it? Nevertheless, I decided to schedule a call. And how glad I am that I did! After 2 months I already have ROI and Peggy really guides me in everything. She helps you with every part and really takes the time to solve your problems. My sales conversations have improved, my website is online and my e-book is up and running. She succeeded in just 2 months. She is a friendly 'everyday help' and not worth the money: for those services she can also charge twice as much.

But Peggy is modest, a great person, and a business coach who really makes your company grow. No sales pitches, but results!


Bestaat uit 3 fases:




You'll rethink your social media and position yourself as an authority in your niche to build a community of real people who know, like, and trust you - and who want to partner with you right now. The most important step for the foundation of your business is building your community of ideal customers. In this phase, we will look at your niche, how you can represent your personal brand authentically and how you can take your stage as an expert. You know how to build a bond with your audience, which creates trust and a goodwill factor.



We will look at your unique offer. Your signature framework, your systems, or proven method by which you solve the problems of your ideal customer. With both free, pre-sale and repeat launch strategies, you will understand how to create a full product suite and sell it at any price. From a live coaching program to a course, the results, features, benefits, and everything in between play a role in selling your offer. With this, you deliver the most important asset, namely: Transformation.



You will learn to master viral content creation, Instagram organic growth strategies, conversion copywriting, outreach strategy, and ideal customer messaging to build a strong business foundation. In this phase, we will look at your content strategy and how you can make an IMPACT with your content. Through your content, your ideal customer will follow you and you ensure that they are nurtured and warmed up. You no longer get overwhelmed by posting last minute, but you have a solid strategy and planning for your content and goals.


You will learn the best systems, tools, and programs (from setting up recurring payments, application forms, Calendly set-up, your sales funnel, tracking sales statistics, and much more) to implement everything instantly, so you can manage your business every day. Scale-up with ease.





You have warmed up your audience in phases 1 and 2. You are ready to convert your followers into customers. You will learn how to sell directly on social media with all the tools available! From selling on IG stories, during a live video, and closing high tickets on first online sales calls. Objections are not a problem if you know how to navigate through sales conversations. Learn how to talk about your services in a way that will prompt your potential customers to ask HOW to pay you as soon as possible and refer their friends!


It doesn't matter if you've just got a new offering, aren't sure what service to offer, or if you've put your focus on high ticket, you'll quickly learn the ins and outs to develop an offering that your ideal customer WANTS and NEEDS and how to position it. Everything is adapted to your goals, at your pace for your success.

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Just a quick update on the program. Of course, you don't care what the program looks like, as long as you see results, right? ;) If you want to know more about this, we can discuss this in the free strategy call!


  • PERSONAL curriculum + roadmap

  • 1: 1 feedback to analyze your work

  • Lifetime access to course content

  • Lifetime access to program / content updates

  • Daily support via a private app

  • ... and much more.


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Who is this suitable for?

If you are a coach, consultant, online course maker, or online service provider and you know that you are not yet getting the most out of your online business/offer and social media and you know that you can help many more customers!


What do we discuss during this conversation?

During this conversation, we will look together at which problems you are currently encountering within your company. Based on these problems, I'm going to see how we can solve these problems. So which strategies would apply to your business? How can we ensure that you attract more ideal customers and convert them into customers?


We also look at your goals and what do you want to achieve as quickly as possible? We will check whether your vision and company match the program and of course whether there is a fit.


Then I'll make you an offer to join my program and kickstart your company together. This conversation is of course completely non-binding.


Schedule a free and non-binding explore call with me!


PLEASE NOTE: This information session is not suitable for MLMs & offline companies.